Paul Corbiere – 3/3/2018

If possible, please bring a tubano and a recorder with you to the workshop. 

We are excited to have Paul Corbiere join us for Drumming in the Elementary Music Classroom!

This is a hands on session – basic drumming skills will be explored, with participants reviewing proper tone techniques from a pedagogical approach. We will explore kid-friendly rhythm games and fun activities designed to help youngest elementary students with basic techniques, beat keeping skills, and stamina. In a step-by-step process, participants will practice combining more complex rhythms and different instruments to create ensemble pieces that introduce concepts such as form and improvisation. Ideas to modify these ensembles to the instrumentations they already have in their classrooms will also be examined.


Flyer CFOC Paul Corbiere

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We are sorry, but pre-registration for our chapter share workshop on Saturday, April 7, is now closed.  You are still welcome to come and register on site! We will also be holding our annual business meeting and announcing the Mary Gibson scholarship winners. We hope to see you there! 

Our location for this year will once again be at Lake Whitney Elementary School in Winter Garden.


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Nick Wild – 10/21/17


Music teachers are frequently asked to reinforce skills and concepts from other academic areas.  Our challenge is to provide meaningful integration without sacrificing essential components of our curriculum.  This workshop will provide examples of interdisciplinary lessons and storytelling that maintain musical integrity through the creative process.  We will explore concepts from multiple subject areas, but always with a primary focus on process teaching, elemental music theory, and student-centered musical experiences.  We will also experience the full potential of the Orff approach as we learn some of my students’ favorite “fun but challenging” games and use various media to develop their musical elements in creative contexts.



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Jim Solomon

WE HAVE RESCHEDULED!! Unfortunately, Hurricane Irma caused us to cancel our workshop, but we are lucky enough to be able to reschedule for Saturday, September 30, 9:00-3:00.

*If you already pre-registered for this workshop, you are all set and do not need to register again! 

*If you already purchased a lunch, we will roll that over as well – no need to do anything! 

We are very lucky to have Jim share with us for a full day workshop! Join friends and educators in a professional development opportunity that will directly benefit you and your classroom. Since this is a full day workshop, you will have the option to pre-order a lunch so you do not have to worry about finding something local. Lunch must be ordered when you register and will not be available for purchase on site.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Here is a small preview of what Jim will be presenting:

We will perform a variety of kid-tested pieces for drums, body percussion and soprano recorder using technique appropriate for children. We’ll include a powerful process for teaching beginning rhythm reading to children using the 4 chairs technique. We’ll experience the Rotating Circle, the best percussion and ensemble and improvisation “skill developer” that I’ve ever encountered. We’ll also see that the best way to begin soprano recorder improvisation is by starting with only one note.

2017-2018 Workshop Series

We are excited to release the line up for the 2017-2018 CFOC Workshop Series! Please mark your calendars now so you don’t miss out on these wonderful learning opportunities.

9/16/17     Jim Solomon, 9:00-3:00

10/21/17    Nick Wild, 9:00-1:00

3/3/18     *NEW DATE* Paul Corbiere, State 9:00-3:00

4/7/17      Chapter Share, 9:00-1:00

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Chapter Share/Make and Take

Please come and join us on Saturday, April 8 from 9:00-1:00 for our chapter share workshop – lessons and ideas presented from our very own chapter members! We are also combining this workshop with our first ever “make and take” sessions. We will be making recorder practice sticks, solfege texting sticks, and bring a pair of your old mallets that are falling apart and learn how to rewrap them!  

CFOC Chapter Share

Thom Borden

Please join us on Saturday, February 11, from 9:00-3:00, for our state workshop with Thom Borden! Join friends and educators from around the state in a professional development opportunity that will directly benefits you and your classroom. We will once again have the option to pre-order a lunch so you do not have to worry about finding something local. We are looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Here is a small preview of what Thom will be presenting:


thombordenChildren’s literature can easily provide the music opportunities to engage classrooms with movement, singing, and creativity.  In this workshop series, we will  explore movement through poetry readings, body levels and body percussion.  Using the literature pieces we love to actively create music, we will process several pieces from the Music for Children’s Volumes and use them as a starting point to jump into improvisation notation activities.